Take Off : 4 steps to going nomad

Definitely something to think about,,

Damien Walter

Before I made the jump to living and working as a digital nomad, I had been thinking about the idea for 18 months. As is so often the case in my life, I didn’t realise I was actually planning and preparing to go nomad, but on an unconscious level that’s exactly what I was doing. In retrospect I can see the steps I was taking that meant, when in early 2013 I made the decision to hit the road, I was ready to go just a few months later. I think these four basic steps are likely common among most digital nomads, in varying amounts.

Save Money – Even if everything works as planned in your transition to digital nomadism, getting to that point will mean front loading many of life’s expenses in to the period before you set off. Flights, insurance, immunisation, equipment and numerous other expenses will…

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Drake and Jordan Brand announce collaboration


Source: Drake Instagram

Its pretty interesting that Drake and the Jordan brand have announced their collaboration in lieu of Kanye West’s incessant rant about the fashion world not giving him props.  As you probably have heard (in some cases, wish you didn’t) Kanye blasted Nike for not allowing him carte blanche in designing his sneaker line.  Which might explain the new deal with Drake. (Not to be confused with Roosevelts “new deal”)

Personally, I’m not impressed so far with what I’ve seen of Drakes prototypes but I’ll consider these the Beta version.

Another interesting development is Kanye West and Adidas announced that they were also entering a partnership.  As of this moment there are no details to what Kanyes role will be. He is very creative but is too much of a combustible personality IMHO.

I haven’t really been a fan of sneakers as of late because aesthetically they are lacking in panache of the sneakers from the 90’s.  Which explains the Jordan retro releases garnering such excitement amongst sneaker heads. I’m actually shopping for new sneakers myself and will update later on.

I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving, apologies for the lack of updates.  I find myself inundated with writing projects.

Travel plans for 2014.. Time to start that list

So I find myself stuck in my quarter cubicle.. Yes, I said quarter.  I don’t even have the 3 walls to allow myself any privacy, but at least I get to write to you cool people!  I find myself longing to get my travel plans started for next year.  It helps that I work for a all-inclusive resort consortium. If you have plans on visiting Costa Rica or Mexico I’m your guy.


Anyhow, in January I’m going back to the Philippines.  I’m very hyped up to go home to the motherland.  I will get to blog if I can find a hot spot and take some amateur photography.  But as of right now these are the places I want to go to next year.

-California (that’s much more attainable right now, thank you Virgin!)

-Brazil for the world cup

-An RV road trip with a buddy of mine (sorry about keeping the details secret for now, its an awesome idea! Thank you Dana!)

I’ll keep this short and sweet as I know most of you are either traveling or are getting ready for that huge Thanksgiving dinner! Happy Holidays everyone!


Full moon taken in South Beach, FL.

iPhone 4S battery dead?? iFixit yourself!

If you’re like me, the idea of a busted iPhone 4S that is past its warranty period is awful.  The first thing that comes to mind is how much is this going to cost me, then I blame myself for being so careless.  I had such an issue recently, my battery could no longer sustain its power…  I had two options and I read an article on Fast Company about the “fix it yourself revolution…”

I’ll be  honest, the idea of me fixing anything was proposterous.  But the financial cost of having to purchase a new iPhone even though I was due for an upgrade was greater than my apprehension.

As I did some research I heard about iFixit I was skeptical, but I was feeling a very bad case of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) coming.  So I ordered the iPhone liberation package and it arrived today in a neat recyclable box.  The replacement battery is actually in that pack on the left corner.

ifixit ifixit2

Another feature of the box I liked was the little insignias such as the “Repair is noble.”  It is.. Indeed.   Below you will also see a cool looking insignia.   Some people might not be too pleased with a fist, holding a tool of some sort, but its cool.  I like the “disrupt’ movement and way of thinking.  The consumption and disregard for the finite amount of natural resources we have is not sustainable.


The kit was very helpful and I was also watching Hi-tech dad on youtube for the instructional as you can see below.  The picture on the left below is before I was able to replace the battery.  The second is me prying it lose, which took quite  bit of effort.  (Be very patient, it takes controlled effort to loosen the adhesive.)

ifixit4 ifixit5

The fixit yourself movement is a worth while cause, instead of just purchasing new items and going for the new shiny thing.  I have no intention of purchasing a new iPhone or even updating anytime soon.  I also have to admit, I’m beaming with pride in being able to actually do something technical like this.  I know it’s not that big of a deal but it’s a small step forward.

Breakaway…how to free yourself from those invisible shackles

Remote Control

The decision has been made. You’ve spent months (sometimes years) debating with your soul about what it is, exactly, that you want from life. Once you’ve finally realized that breaking free is your ultimate goal, you think all your problems are over. That’s it! The hard part is over! You’ve made the decision to cut the shackles which are holding you back and to set off into the sunset; oh how wonderful do you feel right now?!?

Forgetting something? Not so fast there cowgirl…

Yes it is true that the hardest part, for me personally, was coming to the realization and making the final decision, that long-term travel was what I craved most. Yet this does not mean by any stretch of the imagination, that what came next was pure bliss. It wasn’t. It was a bit hellish actually. I had an apartment to sell and the contents to store…

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Survey says: 16% of American workforce willing to admit they hate their job


A recent study by Monster.com showed that 16% of the American work force hate their job or were willing to for the record anyway. I have to admit, I am not a fan of using strong adjectives such as hate… But I’m pretty damn close to it. I’d use dispassionate, unplugged, joyless to describe my current job situation. If it weren’t for me taking the initiative and volunteering for a writing assignment for our website than I wouldn’t be delving on my hidden joy.. writing.

I love to write, I’ll even admit to writing on my Xanga page quite a bit. In my 20’s mind you, I’ve even turned in entries for writing assignments during my college years.

I’ve made up my mind that I will take the road less traveled and use my talents and be an entrepreneur. As of this moment I am working on improving on my skills as a writer and work on a freelance basis. Yes, it is a scary endeavour, I have bills to pay but I prefer this challenge than the doldrum of the corporate world.

So the general idea as of right now is to be A location independent entrepreneur.  I’m developing my skills set so I can use it to get freelance work while I travel, the cynic in me is telling me that I could and more than likely will fail.. This is  very true, but I’d rather give it a a real shot than wonder (would’ve, could’ve, should’ve.)

Another reason I wrote this entry is to put it out there, keep myself accountable so as not to just fall back in a desk jockey/cubicle fantasy.. wish me luck!

Hustlers Ambition

First time in a couple of YEARS, that I’ve been able to work on something that didn’t benefit someone BUT me.  Feels good, personal projects and ideas created from inspiration to reality is the purest form of alchemy.  Taking inspiration to reality is beautiful, success and failure are determined by proper execution.  Don’t let anyone tell you blogging is just “writing” there’s a huge difference between a Thrillist and your Live Journal page folks..  Content with no audience means nothing..

I’ve been working as best as I can to catch up to the ever changing game of the industry I want to excel in, this blog in essence is a release for me.  Although, it will have lifestyle themed articles I enjoy writing  from time to time, let’s face it, I am a multifaceted kind of guy.  But understand that as you read this, I’m off in some corner writing, reading and watching videos to use my talents to the best of my abilities..  here in South Beach.. Lebron haters can suck it.  So be patient, I will entertain you and do my best to rise above the cacophony and infinite content that is on the internet..

P.S.  DON’T BE THAT GUY..  who never realizes his potential.. Nothing in this world is more tragic than failed potential… Just like that Gatsby fella..  The green light is not real..